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The creation of this website, which was done on a very small budget, depended on many resources and a lot of help. Resources included books, websites, and open source development, and the help mostly came from the wonderful posters on help forums who donated their time to answer questions, share knowledge, and offer expert advice to others. Without all of these kind and insightful individuals, Maat Media simply would not have been possible. Here I would like to give thanks to everyone involved in the process of creating this website, whether they helped directly or indirectly. I would also like to give special thanks to those involved in the following websites and services:
  • WampServer: Apache, PHP, MySQL on Windows (
    WampServer is an open source platform that is easy to use and features excellent support. For a web developer working with PHP and MySQL, having such a platform is invaluable.

  • Dynamic Drive: DHTML for the Real World  (
    It was here that I found the code for the drop-down menu system that I use, although it has been highly customized for this website. I also used their code for the slideshow on the home page. Dynamic Drive is an excellent resource for web developers.



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