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Short-term Goals

  • Greater frequency of added content, including investigative research, alternative news, commentary, in-depth links, etc.
  • Enhanced website features and refined usability (e.g. search function, RSS feeds, etc.)
  • Inclusion of an interview section(s) and the aquisition of a digital phone recording device
  • Aquisition of equipment such digital camcorders and other related video production hardware and software
  • Increased website bandwidth and storage space for streaming video, audio, and archiving
  • Greater involvement both locally and nationally in hosting or taking part in lectures, conferences, panel discussions, celebrations, and special events
  • Increasing public awareness of Maat Media through community involvement (see above), flyering, efforts at drawing in more web traffic, and partnerships with related organizations
  • Build a dedicated volunteer and donor base

Long-term Goals

  • Development of an online, live streaming video channel, MAATV, that will have regularly scheduled programs and will be accessible from the Maat Media website
  • Development of custom Maat Media programming content (e.g. a news hour, documentaries, inspiring entertainment, and coverage of special events and conferences)
  • Procurement of programming contracts from outside sources in order to enrich MAATV's programming with comprehensive, inspiring, and informing content
  • Transitioning Maat Media from a private entity to an official organization, such as a 501(c) non-profit company
  • Acquisition of office and studio spaces
  • Broader development of volunteer and donor resources, while adding paid part-time and full-time staff positions
  • Development of radio and television broadcasting arms of Maat Media
  • Further acquisition of equipment, including studio and office equipment, video production equipment, and broadcasting equipment
  • Creation of a music production arm of Maat Media; this will include forming a record label as well as building a professional recording studio
  • Creation of a private foundation to support individuals and organizations whose work inspires and informs people in a profound way

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