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Director's Portrait
Matthew "Maat" DeMeritt
Founder, Director, Editor-in-chief

Matt DeMeritt founded Maat Media in 2007. Since graduating in May of 2010 with a Bachelor of General Studies (with a minor in music) from Indiana University, he has been focused on several projects including a solo musical career, a breakthrough, forthcoming new book entitled "A New Renaissance in Sound and Music," and the comprehensive media project that is Maat Media.

"Maat," as he is known by many, has an intense research and educational background spanning over a decade that includes areas of focus such as spirituality, current events, alternative media, physics, philosophy, history, technology, and music. This wide knowledge base, along with a growing network of close collaborators, allows Mr. DeMeritt to make Maat Media extremely comprehensive.

That is one of Maat's founding goals for this media project—comprehensiveness—for our culture functions in many ways to engender specialization, separation, dualistic divisiveness, and narrow-minded ignorance. Maat writes of himself, "I am driven by the ideal of the Egyptian concept of the same name: doing good to all others, truth, balance, and justice. Also, my passion for life, for love, for light, and for laughter combine with my deep desire to give freely of myself—in creation and in service to others."

Matt DeMeritt was born in Fort Wayne, IN, where Maat Media is currently based.


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