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The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is so secretive that it even lacks an official name. Researchers had to come up with something, so they named the organization after the hotel where the first conference was held, the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. The Bilderberg Group, or BBG, holds yearly meetings at undisclosed locations around the globe, and their membership consists of some of the world's richest and most powerful people. There is a complete and utter vacuum of news coverage regarding the BBG, even though attendees have included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles, Colin Powell, Dan Quayle, Donald Rumsfeld, Gerald Ford, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair, Zbigniew Brzezinski (advisor to Barack Obama), Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan... the list goes on and on, including Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Prime Ministers from all over the world. Bilderberg conferences are host to over a hundred such distinguished guests, any one of which is a target for intense media scrutiny. But put all of them together, and the amount of media attention should multiply to such an extent that it would be unimaginable for anyone not to have heard about this thing. However, despite such rational assumptions, the fact remains that 99% of the general population, and even some veteran reporters, know nothing of it. How can that be? It just begs the question, especially when you consider the prominent members of the mainstream media who have been in attendance. Examples include: Peter Jennings (ABC), Bill Moyers (PBS), Katharine Graham (Washington Post, Associated Press), William F. Buckley, Jr. (National Review), Charlie Rose (PBS, CBS), Leslie Stahl (CBS), and George Stephanopoulos (ABC).

Already you are probably noticing that the Bilderberg Group pracitcally mirrors the CFR, and the lines of comparison don't stop there. Richard N. Haass, current president of the CFR, and David Rockefeller, (who I mentioned earlier) the CFR's honorary chairman, are both longtime Bilderberg conference attendees. Also like the CFR, the BBG has been attended by controlling members from all of the Big 5 media corporations: Roy Disney (Disney Corp.), Rupert Murdoch and Andrew Knight (News Corporation), Sumner Redstone (Viacom), Ronald H. Grierson (General Electric), and James Kimsey (AOL/Time Warner). These individuals obviously know something that the rest of us don't, but guess what? They aren't telling because the Bilderberg Group has the same policy as the CFR that, basically, members have to keep their mouths shut about what goes on at their conferences. It is such secrecy that prompted veteran newspaper reporter and longtime Bilderberg researcher, Jim Tucker, to state the following, "the reason they want secrecy is because they're doing evil." He continues, "evil is done under the cover of darkness; good works are done in the sunshine." That is the very heart of the matter, and also the gist of the quotes I cited earlier in regards to the CFR. To make it simple, and to avoid any more repetition, let me just say that the Council on Foreign Relations is basically the domestic branch of the Bilderberg Group. For my purposes here, that just means it's another blanket hiding the hidden agenda which unites the mainstream media.

Every year that this goes unreported, the story becomes bigger and bigger. It's been over fifty years since the first Bilderberg meeting, and although great strides have been made in consolidating and controlling the mainstream media, it's only a matter of time before this thing boils over. People are going to demand to know why they've kept the lid on this for so long; then it's going to be obvious that the mainstream media have long since implicated themselves in the illicit activities of this organization, partly because of ther role in keeping such things entirely hidden from public view. Their silence speaks volumes, and their direct involvement speaks for itself.

The Sun Valley Conferences

The next topic for discussion is the Sun Valley Conference, which is an illustrious one-week getaway for big corporate media and technology moguls. The event is hosted and funded by a private investment firm called Allen & Company, and is named after the place it has been held for over twenty years, in Sun Valley, Idaho. This conference is a few degrees less secretive than the BBG or CFR, but it still remains well under the radar. Reporters are not allowed to cover this event from the inside, and the guest lists are not even made public. However, the fact that the conferences are held at the same time and place each year has allowed a handful of researchers and reporters to catch on and take note of who shows up. Guests have included Walter Mondale (BBG), Tom Brokaw (BBG, CFR), Oprah Winfrey, Diane Saywer (CFR), Steven Spielberg, Morgan Freeman, David Geffen, and Ted Turner. Most of the guests are at least millionaires, and billionaires are not uncommon amongst them. Examples include Herbert A. Allen, who owns the media investment company hosting the event, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, Michael Bloomberg (CFR), New York City Mayor and head of Bloomberg. L. P., a diversified media enterprise, Jeff Bezos, founder of, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, Warren Buffett, of Berkshire Hathaway, whose assets have been estimated at $124 billion dollars, Philip Knight, founder of Nike, Inc., Charlie Ergen, co-founder of EchoStar, now Dish Network Corporation, Kirk Kerkorian, one of two primary Las Vegas hotel and casino owners, and controlling shareholder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated, Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, Inc., Sumner Redstone (BBG), of Viacom, Inc., and of course the infamous Rupert Murdoch (BBG, CFR) of News Corporation. The Big 5 media tycoons are present in full force; in addition to the two names just mentioned, others attendees include Edgar Bronfman, Jr. (CFR), Stephen M. Case, and Gerald M. Levin (CFR) of AOL/Time Warner, Michael Eisner (CFR) and Robert A. Iger of Disney, Peter Chernin of News Corp., Leslie Moonves and Philippe Dauman of Viacom, and representing General Electric/NBC Universal are Scott Sassa, Robert C. Wright, and Jeff Zucker. So this is yet another example of those supposedly representing "competing" corporations who are coming together for closed meetings and private discussions. Here at the Sun Valley Conference, they not only share a sort of vacation together, but they also engage in close negotiations that decide, for example, what and when the next big media merger will be.

Now we're getting into the underlying objective of the Sun Valley Conference, which is to further consolidate the media domain in order for the corporate elite to have more efficient and complete control. They understand that a few big corporations are easier to control than a hundred smaller ones. So by wining and dining, boozing and schmoozing, wheedling and dealing, there is an attempt to form corporate relationships and a sense of camaraderie that will help clear the path towards the ultimate goal of corralling the "untamed" media outlets and bringing them into the fold. The Big 5 are already united under these efforts. They are already heavily indoctrinated into the hidden agenda of the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, as the evidence I've presented strongly suggests. The attempts to expand that blanket of control over all sectors of the media domain have been rampant and largely successful. The only wild territories that still remain are the internet, to a large degree, and books, to some degree. As the recent Sun Valley guests indicate, there has been a push to indoctrinate CEOs and top executives from a host of different internet-based companies. Rumor has it there are plans being hatched that would eliminate the "free internet" format and replace it with a restricted, pay-per-site format similar to cable television. Time will tell if this rumor can be substantiated.

Part I. Summary and Conclusion

Before moving on to the next section, I'd like to just tie up a few loose ends. So far I have focused exclusively on the Big 5. Because they dominate the mass media, it is easy enough to make my point on them and them alone. However, there are a number of additional big players in the media industry who have the same ties, and the same power to reach and influence a wide audience. It is therefore imperative for you to know who they are as well. Some of these companies were briefly mentioned earlier in regards to their boards of directors, so I will begin with a company that hasn't been mentioned yet: Discovery Communications. They own and operate the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel (TLC), The Science Channel, Animal Planet, the Military Channel, Investigation Discovery, Planet Green, Discovery Kids, and Discovery Health Channel. The "Senior Executive Vice President for Strategy and Development" of Discovery Communications is Donald A. Baer, a CFR member. The founder of the company, John S. Hendricks, has been present at the Sun Valley Conferences and has strong ties to the conference host, Allen & Co. In addition to that, Paul Allen Gould, who sits on the Board of Directors for Discovery Communications, is the Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Allen & Co. He, of course, has also been present for the Sun Valley Conferences. Another interesting connection is with the CEO of Discovery Communications, David Zaslov, who formerly served in a number of top positions with a Big 5 corporation, General Electric's NBC Universal. Next we have Gannett Company, Inc., which is the largest U.S. newspaper publisher based on total circulation. They publish over 100 daily newspapers in the U.S., including USA Today. Susan J. Clark-Johnson, President of the Newspaper Division of Gannett, is a CFR member. James A. Johnson, who served on the Gannett Board of Directors from 2001 to 2006, is also a CFR member plus a Bilderberg Group attendee. Next up is Sony Corporation, a huge media conglomerate who own the Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group, and through their Sony BMG division they own several major record labels including Columbia Records, Epic Records, and Artista Records. Howard Stringer, the company's CEO, is a regular at the Sun Valley Conferences. Michael M. Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is a CFR member, as is former Sony Corporation of America CEO Michael Schulhof. Next on the list is Clear Channel Communications, which is the largest owner of radio stations in the United States in terms of both the total number of radio stations they own (over 900) and their revenue (over 6.8 billion annually). Vernon E. Jordan, a Washington insider and power broker, formerly served on their Board of Directors for three years. Jordan has attended at least fifteen Bilderberg meetings, is a CFR member, and has also been present at the Sun Valley Conferences. Currently sitting on the Clear Channel Communications Board of Directors is Richard Bressler, a former Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Viacom. Prior to that, Bressler functioned as Executive Vice President at AOL Time Warner. Also following this overall trend is The Washington Post Company, who own the newspaper of the same name. Their media holdings also include Newsweek magazine, and several major television stations in cities such as Detroit, Houston, and Miami. This company is just saturated with CFR members: Newsweek magazine has 12, and The Washington Post has 17. Those numbers reflect both current and former CFR members within the last several years. The former CEO of the Washington Post Co., Katherine Graham (now deceased), was also a CFR member, and both she and her successor, current CEO Donald Graham, have been Bilderberg Group attendees. Another newspaper based media conglomerate with a big CFR membership is the New York Times Company, where there are 15 columnists, correspondents, and editors who are currently members of the CFR. In addition, on the Board of Directors there are three CFR members, including Chairman Arthur Sulzberger. So altogether I have mentioned an additional six media companies for your consideration in this, again those were Discovery Communications, Gannett, Sony Corporation, Clear Channel Communications, The Washington Post Company, and the New York Times Company. With that, my friends, I have finished untangling the web of the corporate controlled Media-opoly for you. The above section will provide the foundation for you to understand how the agenda, the subject of the next section, is employed.

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