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An Alarming Look at the Hidden Web and Damaging Agenda of the Mainstream Media

The Mediopoly

Table of Contents


Part I.:
The Hidden Web

Section I: Corporate Connections
The Big Five
Corporate Board of Directorships

Section II: Secretive Organizations
The Bilderberg Group
Sun Valley Conference
Part I. Summary and Conclusion


Part II.:
The Damaging Agenda





As the first decade of the third millenium draws to a close, the United States of America flirts with the dire potential of losing something very precious: the voice of its people. Standing here on the precipice, we as a country are faced with a choice. We can allow our voice to falter and eventually fade away, or we can learn to express our voice in an entirely new way. With the advent of the Information Age and rapid technological advancements, we face the potential to experience not just the freedom of speech, but in a more expanded way the freedom to sing. If we act soon enough, I believe that we will ultimately choose this potential. However, standing in the way is the very means through which our voice has always found its expression -- the vast media domain. In order to confront this monolith, we first must see it for what it is; and that is not an easy thing to do. If we merely look upon the surface layer, all we can see is a false façade, a mask made to look as sexy as possible. My task and my challenge in the following pages will be to remove that mask, revealing the virus that lies beneath.

For the vast majority of us, our window to the world is through mass media outlets such as television, newspapers, magazines, and radio broadcasts. The myth is that such sources can be trusted to be both comprehensive and accurate, essentially because they compete with each other. In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. In this article I will be debunking this prevailing myth that the mainstream media consists largely of independent, competing entities. I will be presenting well-documented, verifiable research which exposes what is aptly described as the Mediopoly. Once you see the interlocking web that connects all of the mass media outlets in this country, and essentially how that web puts a "spin" on all the media, you will be compelled to seek alternative news sources. Let me put it this way: if, up to this point, you have relied solely on the mainstream media for all your news and information, then you have been viewing the world with a shade pulled over your eyes. Once you lift the shade, there's really no going back to the former state of "blissful ignorance". You stand here at a threshold, where you may choose to step into truth and disillusionment. But just like there can be bliss in ignorance, there can also be a great burden in knowing the truth. Despite any consequences, however, I believe that most people are more than willing to hear the truth. We want to know what we're dealing with first. Understand that in this case, it is especially important to know what we're dealing with. That is because we base so much of our opinions and beliefs about none other than the fundamental nature of reality on what we see, and perhaps more importantly on what we don't see, through the corporate controlled mainstream media. So my question for you, before we go any further, is... are you ready to cross this threshold? Are you ready to take this key which unlocks so many doors where truth lies hidden behind? Are you ready to see the Mediopoly for what it truly is, the mere keyhole through which we've been peering through? Take a deep breath, and we shall proceed.
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