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No Advertising

On the Maat Media website, you will find news, commentary, investigative reporting, spiritual insight, and entertainment—all free of charge and with no strings attached. What you will not find here is advertising, for advertising constitutes a negative influence on the truthfulness and comprehensiveness of news media. Those who rely on advertising for a large chunk of their profit will tend to gear their content toward the will of their advertisers. For fear of losing revenue, they won't even touch a story that might cast a negative light on a business or corporation that they have advertising contracts with. This is just one of the many problems with the corporate, mainstream media, but one that you will definitely not encounter here at Maat Media.


Maat Media was established in part because of the grave deficiencies of the mainstream media. Thus, one of the focal points of Maat Media is the media itself. Here the operations of the mainstream media will be scrutinized, and from time to time, this organization's own operations will be reflected upon. Maat Media will remain a transparent organization. In addition to being a sort of “media watchdog,” Maat Media is also a source of alternative media. This means that the “big stories,” at least the ones that the mainstream media likes to latch on to and actually cover fairly decently, albeit rather excessively in some cases, will be largely left alone. These stories will only be mentioned as necessary to piece together the “big picture.” The other pieces of the puzzle, the ones that get swept under the rug by the corporate elite and their various secret organizations, will be a primary focus of Maat Media.

No Fluff

To further distinguish Maat Media from the mainstream media, you will not find any of the sensational, “fluff” pieces about the entertainment industry posing as real news stories. When stories are run here concerning the entertainment industry, they will be in their own dedicated section. Furthermore, no concern will be given here for the over-hyped, industry-made pop stars and the cookie-cutter movies and TV programs. Instead, focus will be given to quality films and television shows that reflect vibrant creativity and novel concepts. With regard to music, the focus will be on the underground and indie music scenes, as well as overlooked, under-appreciated genres such as metal, industrial, electronic, and new age.


One of the most important aspects of Maat Media is its comprehensiveness. You see, the world is full of “specialists,” or people who are very good at doing one thing in particular. This is how our society has evolved, leading to vastly improved production over the centuries and thus the creation of a considerable amount of wealth and abundance. However, there is a downfall to specialization—it causes everyone to basically be ignorant about everything but their area of specialty. This means that the beliefs and perceptions of the general population can be easily manipulated by those in power, as they have done for decades and continue to do so. Primarily, they accomplish this through the media, but they also control various foundations that fund scientific research. This allows them to further their overall agenda by advancing the careers of scientists whose research supports that agenda. Therefore, the so-called “experts” in a given field are not necessarily granted that distinction based on their expertise. This is where the comprehensive aspect of Maat Media comes in. You see, we cannot be content to rely on the “experts” (or call them “specialists”) for their version of the truth, but we must strive to become experts ourselves in a wide array of subjects. Here at Maat Media, consideration will be given to those perspectives that the “experts” disagree with, like certain so-called “fringe” beliefs, “conspiracies,” and so forth. A very wide net will be cast, one that will encompass hundreds of sources from mainstream media to alternative media. The goal will be to compare, contrast, fact-check, and arrive at a fresh, comprehensive perspective. This website is organized into numerous categories that together cover every major aspect of life on this planet. To tie it all together, there is a specific section entitled “The Big Picture.”

A Spiritual Perspective

We have come to one of the most prominent aspects of Maat Media, which is its definitively spiritual perspective. This perspective is not derived from any particular religion, but rather like Theosophy it embraces all religions. It also has roots in a new form of spirituality, which despite having independently sprung forth from all over the world within the last two decades or so, has an unquestionably consistent message. The echoes heard around the world proclaim that we are in the midst of a profound shift in consciousness, whereby we as humans reawaken to the awareness of who we are and why we are here. This shift in consciousness is propelling some profound changes to take place, which will continue to intensify in the coming years. While many of the changes will necessarily be difficult, they constitute a positive trend that will ultimately have a highly beneficial outcome for our planet. Maat Media will document these changes as they take place, as well as documenting this large and growing spiritual movement that has been utterly ignored by the mainstream media.

Unbiased Media?

With regard to this organization's spiritual perspective and approach to the media in general, one may question the degree to which Maat Media is “unbiased.” After all, being unbiased is one of the most highly regarded traits that is considered when evaluating the news media, or at least it used to be. All of the mainstream media networks today are clearly biased one way or another. The question, however, is whether or not a media organization can be truly unbiased. In truth, it can not. The idea of an “unbiased” media is a myth. You see, there is not way to observe a system without effecting it, and this is true from the very smallest order of things (the quantum world) to the macro world in which we live. To illustrate this point, consider the following example: if there is evidence of a lot more corruption and hypocricy going on in the ranks of one political party (Party A) than in another (Party B), then a media organization must withold this evidence to appear to remain unbiased. Otherwise, those in the party receiving more media attention because of scandals involving lies, corruption, and hypocricy (Party A) are going to cry havoc and hurl accusations of a media bias. Therefore, by giving in to such accusations, the media organization in question would in turn be biased against the more reputable political party (Party B)—all in the name of the mere appearance of being “unbiased.” You see, we seem to be conditioned to think that in order for a media organization to be unbiased, it has to cover the parties equally. This, however, assumes that the parties are equal, and most (if not all of us) would agree that they are not. It's not so simple as a media organization just reporting the facts and letting the audience decide—it has to do with which particular facts are reported and which are witheld. We then come to the understanding that an “unbiased” media organization is one that witholds important facts in order to appease superficial accusations of a media bias, and/or it tries to appeal to as large an audience as possible in order to increase its profits.

No Agenda

Having established that, know that Maat Media does not align itself with any political party. It is understood that the reporting and commentary given here will have an impact on the audience's beliefs and perceptions, but there is no goal nor desire to change or mold anyone. Simply put, there is no agenda here at Maat Media. The truth is merely reflected as it is seen, with a hope that a greater good will come of it.

August 8, 2010


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