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Although there are several reasons for choosing the name of this organization, I will explain the primary reason that will give you a sense of this organization's overall philosophy. The name is extremely appropriate, and no other name could even come close to capturing so much of the essence of Maat Media. Many will recognize Maat as the name of the ancient Egyptian deity who personifies truth, balance, order, justice, reciprocity, and morality. She is usually depicted with a large ostrich feather in her headdress, and is widely regarded as having been the wife of Thoth. In addition, “maat” was an everyday word in the Egyptian language that is usually translated as “truth,” but the word broadly incorporates all of the concepts mentioned above. Maat was a way of life for ancient Egyptians, representing both a code of ethics and an all-encompassing cosmic order. The essence of Maat is what is greatly needed on our planet at this time. As dark cabals begin to lose their stranglehold on many prominent countries like the U.S., it is of dire importance to shed the light of truth while helping to preserve order and justice. This is the first, and perhaps the most prominent reason for naming this organization Maat Media.

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