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By now you have probably already noticed the large, four-leaf clover shaped logo that graces the title banner of this website. Perhaps you have wondered what it represents, or if it is just an interesting design. In fact, this logo is packed with meaning. Here I will unpack for you its profound significance, but first, I invite you to take a moment to meditate upon the image itself. It alone carries the energy of all it represents:

One of the most prominent aspects of this logo is its four-leaf clover shape. The four-leaf clover typically represents “luck,” but not in this case. You see, there is no such thing as “luck.” There is only choice. To put it another way, the logo represents a life dictated not by “the luck of the draw,” but by the principle that you control the deck at all times. This very concept is implicitly represented in the logo, as you can see from the illustrations below. The four suits—hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds—are all represented. In this schema, the four-leaf clover replaces the three-leaf clover shape used to represent the suit of clubs in the standard (Western) playing card deck.





So first and foremost, it should be understood that this logo represents good fortune, whereby fortune is in your hands. As it so happens, the logo's representation of the four suits of playing cards has a much deeper significance. You see, the modern playing card deck is derived from the Tarot. The Tarot consists of a set of twenty-two major arcana cards, based on the twenty-two paths of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and a set of fifty-six minor arcana cards. The modern playing card deck is based on the minor arcana of the Tarot. The difference of four cards can be accounted for by the fact that there is no card for the princess in the modern playing card deck (prince cards in the Tarot correspond to jack cards in the modern deck). Everything else is basically the same. Hearts correspond to cups in the Tarot, which represent water, clubs correspond to wands, representing fire, spades correspond to swords, or air, and diamonds correspond to disks (coins, pentacles), or earth.

Together, the four elements represent the entire gamut of existence. For example, consider a version of the story of creation whereby God or Consciousness arises from the primordial soup (water), bursts through the Wall of Fire in a “Big Bang” (fire), expands into the void or space (air), and then materializes into matter (earth). Consider another example whereby a seed, fed by water, bursts forth into the fiery sunlight, produces oxygen from carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis, and eventually returns a seed to the earth to begin the process once again. Altogether, this constitutes the cycle of life, which is again reflected in the court cards. The queen, or mother, represents water, the king/father represents fire, the prince/son represents air, and the princess/daughter represents earth.

So secondly, it should be understood that this logo represents a comprehensive view of reality—the entire gamut of existence and the cycle of life. As it so happens, there are other aspects of the logo design that correspond to this. As you can see, the logo is composed of two infinity symbols stacked one atop the other. Alternately, the logo can be viewed as two figure eights. In regards to the latter, there are eighty-eight keys on a regular-sized piano. This range of musical notes forms the basis of musical expression, and through musical expression we can represent the entire gamut of life experience. In addition, sound is composed of waves, and through transposition one may derive the wavelengths of entire electro-magnetic spectrum, which includes visible light.

Now we have come full circle, for eighty-eight is the official number of constellations surrounding our planet in the night sky. Ultimately, as it was previously stated, good fortune is in your hands. It is not dictated by your “ruling constellation” or astrological sign, be it Libra, Leo, Cancer, etc. We may choose to take on these roles, and live by “karmic contracts,” but we may also choose to break free and realize that all cosmic energy is at our disposal. With that, I invite you to pluck this four-leaf clover from the ground, for it is yours to have. A bidding of good fortune to you!

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